Product Hunt Moscow: Recap


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One of the most vibrant tech communities, Product Hunt, became truly global with its local meetups initiative and Moscow was one of the first cities to jump on board. We love quality content and local makers producing products that often market themselves, so it was a no-brainer for us to grab a camera and report from Product Hunt Moscow hosted by Ekaterina Klink, founder @ Lini and product launch expert joined by a group of 7 makers and one special guest.


Mailburn's Maker Daniel Pavluchkov shared his thought though launch strategy and PH-effect story while Ivan Kozlov, Jetradar's Maker, repped Saint Petersburg with his one-hour-launch tactics.

Chill's Kirill Chekanov was all about beta-testing and getting good press, whereas's Mishlaev Vitaliy discussed their soft launch slips in contrast with Chars double-up story by Den Talala.

Paste's Maket Dmitry Obukhov and Jaconda's Anton Mironov highlighted the prep phase and things-to-be-done prior to launching on PH.


Bayram Annakov, CEO @ App in the air, shared some great tips on going global and analysed his own mistakes jamming in a couple of good anecdotes and jokes.

Here's Bayram's keynote on Slideshare.


On to the next one – Ekaterina Klink on PH Moscow #2:

We plan to organise Product Hunt Moscow meetups every couple of months, where we'll get together product makers and enthusiasts to discuss latest technology trends, launch and growth tactics. The first meetup was introductory, next one will be more focused on one particular topic, which we'll choose later.

Product Hunt Moscow – June 2015: