What is content and what should it look like?

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Content marketing is a widely discussed issue, but not everyone understands what the word “content” means.

People often think of content solely as a marketing tool in the form of blogs or advertising articles. In reality, anything can be content. Here are just a few examples of this diversity.

Expert experience

First of all, you can promote corporate expertise with content by, for instance, talking about completed projects (“case studies” on the website), results of research (pdf documents, blog posts, guides), and presentations at conferences.

Your team’s opinions

As we’ve mentioned, content is everywhere. This means that even unexpected things like the personal opinion of a team member (or the whole team) on certain topic. And it’s easy: companies employ people who have their own takes on life.

Thus, it’s possible to pick a topic and comment on it with one or several statements in a blog or a media article. A comment doesn’t have to be written, it can be a video or audio podcast.

Don’t forget about newsjacking, which means writing an article linked to recent events. You can find some fun examples of this technique here.

Educational content

Great ways of promoting content are not limited to expert articles for professionals, they also include various manuals, lessons and support pages for new users. People who are not experts in a particular area will be very grateful to a company that can explain how to fix a certain problem in a clear manner.

For instance, the Buffer social networking service posts educational content on the use of social media for promoting business, such as Instagram marketing.


Content comes in different shapes and sizes, but it’s not limited to those described above. Basically, content is life itself with its little details and everyday discoveries. All you have to do is to open your eyes and be ready to experiment, telling your readers what is happening in your company and with its employees. This is the best approach to content marketing.